Sourcing & procurement of raw materials :

JPL has developed a strong association with raw materials suppliers during past three decades within India and across the globe. Company is always interested in developing new potential suppliers across the globe.


Following are the materials, we are interested to buy ;-

This oxide powder is used in ceramics, glass, animal feed, catalysts, electroplating, lightning arresters, pharmaceutical, tire & tube and paints & pigments.

  • Lead Scrap in any form available
  • Cable Sheathing, Tubes, Pipes, Sheets and others.
  • Used Lead Acid Batteries
  • Lead Acid Battery Plates, Paste, Powder
  • Lead Dross
  • Bag House Powder/ Lead Dust/ Lead Flu Dust/ Powder
  • Re-melted Lead Ingots / Bullion/ Blocks
  • Lead Concentrates
  • Any other form of lead bearing material / waste
  • Solder Dross, Waste
  • Tin and Antimony containing waste, dross, dust, concentrate, by products
  • High Antimony Lead Ingots / Bullion containing impurities
  • Cadmium Oxide/ Sponge
  • Any kind of Smelter’s generated waste, dross, dust, concentrate, filter cake, by product, scrap containing Pb, Sb, Sn, Cu, Cd, Co, Zn.

If you have any non ferrous material that needs safe disposal and recycling please contact us enable us to quote you our best buying price.