Recycling & Refining

There is state of art machinery to carry out the manufacturing of Pure Lead Ingots and Lead Alloys. (In our Rotary Furnaces and Refining Kettles).



The process of lead recycling consists of charging input material - battery paste, lead concentrate, dross and other available lead bearing material - along with coal/coke and fuel/redundant in a furnace. In addition limestone, mill scale, calcium fluoride and soda ash are charged as fluxing agent. The output consists of lead bullion – which will be treated in refinery section to produce final product of desired quality. The slag produced during the process will be discarded and will be dumped in safe area.

The furnace will be connected with state-of-the-art ventilation system to take care of all pollution control measures.


The lead bullion produced during recycling will be fed to the refinery section as raw material. The refining section mainly consists of melting and refining kettles. There will be 10 nos: of kettles each having a capacity of 50 MT. Of these, 8 nos: will cater to the production of refined lead and balance 3 nos: will cater to alloys. Temperature in the kettles will be maintained by 02(two) gas burners for each kettle.

Liquation, vacuum retorting and cupellation will be done for the extraction of silver from silver rich crust during desilverization.