Lead Oxide Yellow (Litharge) PbO

Test Specifications
Description Test Specification (%)
Appearance Yellow Powder
% Purity Min. 99.5
% Free Lead content Max. 0.1
% Particle (for Powder) + 325 mesh Max. 0.2

Packing : In 25 kgs. HDPE bags with PE liners inside. On Wooden Pallets

Applications :
  • In ointments
  • In glazing pottery
  • In lead glass
  • In varnishes
  • Pigment for rubber
  • In manufacturing of lead based stabilizer for PVC and Cables

Red Lead Oxide (Pb3O4)


Chemically, Red Lead is Lead tetra oxide, Pb3O4, a water-insoluble compound that is prepared by the oxidation of metallic Lead or of litharge (Lead monoxide).


The final product quality is adjusted to the customer application in terms of Pb3O4 content, grain size distribution and tamped density. Red lead can be supplied in different grades matching the needs of batteries, optical or crystal glass, paints, frits for ceramics, technical ceramics and specific plastic compounds.

Note : We can also manufacture Red Lead Oxide (Pb3O4) as per the specifications required by customers.


Lead Oxide Grey

Grey Oxide  is used on an extensive scale for preparation of plates in Lead Acid Batteries which requires production to strict specifications.