About Jammu Pigments Ltd.

The history of Jammu Pigments Ltd. being in the Lead & Zinc industry goes back to 1958, and as a Private Limited company, it was registered in the year 2005. Since then, JPL has been renowned for setting impeccable quality standards in the field of processing, recycling and refining non ferrous materials globally.

Jammu Pigments Limited (JPL) is one of the largest manufacturer of Lead Metal, Lead Ingots, Pure Lead, Lead Alloy, Lead Antimony Alloy, Lead Tin Alloy, Grey Oxide, Lead Oxide Yellow (Litharge), Red Lead Oxide, Zinc Oxide, Cadmium Ingots, Copper Cathode, Cooper Alloy.

In the year 2014, JPL entered in an association with one of the globally recognized Lead-Zinc Smelter for processing their by-products, waste, dross, ash, filter cake, scrap to convert these waste into valuable metals such as Lead, Tin, Antimony, Zinc, Cooper, Cadmium, and others, since then continuously creating value and wealth from the waste of various other large Smelters.